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I have heard back from Anthony Aristar, my LinguistList contact. 
LinguistList, as our partner agency advising on ancient, historical, and 
constructed languages, had been the "originator" of the Sakan code 
element. In working through the draft 639-3 code tables and aligning them 
with ISO 639-2, matching Sakan with Khotanese was missed.

Anthony agrees that [xsk] ought to be merged into [kho], with the proviso 
that "Sakan" be added as a name used with [kho]. So I will take 
appropriate steps to that end.

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Re: Khotanese and Sakan

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> In the descripton of Sakan [xsk] in, it said that
> the Sakan language is also named Khotanese; but Khotanese has
> already a code [kho]. Do the two codes [kho] and [xsk] duplicate
> each other?

In the current IETF/IANA language tag registry
<>, kho (Khotanese) exists but
there is no code xsk.

In the future version (the successor of today's RFC 4646, which will
be the first one to incorporate ISO 639-3), there will be a xsk for
Sakan. See

Now, are there the same language or not? Currently, ISO 639-3
registration authority says no... And we follow them.
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