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Fri Sep 26 16:05:20 CEST 2008

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> I have however now almost been convinced that it is appropriate to put
> "zh-Latn" in the prefix for this and for "wadegile", though I don't
> know what you guys expect software to do when it finds the -Latn-
> omitted, as it surely will. Do you just not care?

"Do you care?" is a business decision. We care, but each has some limit to how much. Some of us may have implementations for which there is no business reason to add special-case logic for this case; some may have implementations that carry extra tables for this kind of thing and can easily add it; there may be some for whom it's important enough to add extra machinery just for that, though not likely many; nobody will care enough to go over the Internet updating every server and crawling content to identify candidates for re-tagging.

But we certainly do care enough to tell people in the first place *before* they tag their content that, if they want the most robust behavior, tag with "zh-Latn", not just "zh".


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