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Mark, I don't understand what you've written here. Is the first part a  
citation of some sort?

> 5. Reference to published description of the language (book or  
> article):
> Wade-Giles developed from a system produced by Thomas Wade in the  
> mid-19th century, and reached settled form with Herbert Giles's  
> Chinese-English dictionary of 1892.
> Krieger, Larry S.; Kenneth Neill, Dr. Edward Reynolds (1997). "ch.  
> 4", World History; Perspectives on the Past (in English). Illinois:  
> D.C. Heath and Company, p. 82. ISBN 0-669-40533-7. "This book uses  
> the traditional system for writing Chinese names, sometimes called  
> the Wade-Giles system. This system is used in many standard  
> reference books and in all books on China published before 1979."
> See also the LOC page for the relation between Hanyu Pinyin and Wade- 
> Giles:
> 6. Any other relevant information:
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