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Michael Everson said on 25 September 2008 19:36
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> > > I found Niall's analogy to be both offensive and inapplicable, and I 
> > > did not wish to say so explicitly.

> > His Scandanavian analogy?

> No, the racial one.

If it's offensive or inapplicable, then you should feel free to say so. We're all adults here.

It maybe wasn't the best analogy I've ever used in my life, and it's certainly a very sensitive topic, but I wanted to illustrate the very human tendency to generalise and how ... well... offensive that can be.

Our discussions of our own languages take into account social and emotional factors -- we had Belarusians here tell us that "narkamurka" was offensive, and this was noted and dealt with. We haven't had any equivalent input from the Far Eastern community, and we're willing to make judgements on a seemingly purely technical basis. It just doesn't look like we're giving equal treatment from where I'm sitting -- it looks like small differences in European languages are getting more attention than similar eastern equivalents.

I'm perfectly happy to be told I'm wrong.


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