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Thu Sep 25 05:03:58 CEST 2008

Randy Presuhn scripsit:

> There's probably a need to tag some Mandarin material as specifically
> Tongyong Pinyin.  (Has a request for this actually been received,
> or is it something that just "appeared" in the course of discussion?)

The latter.  Given its demise as the official romanization of Taiwan,
I suspect that none ever will appear.

> But what is the use case for wanting to split off Wade-Giles but
> lump together Tongyong and Hanyu Pinyin, as well as everything else
> "not Wade-Giles"?

Certainly not everything else: not French-style romanization, nor Postal
Code, nor Gwoyeu Romatzyh, ....

> I really fail to see the rationale for gathering the various
> more-or-less pinyin-like orthographies under a single banner.

I'm happy to exclude Tongyong now, and just leave the 'pinyin'
subtag to cover the various PRC romanizations based on Hanyu
Pinyin principles.

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