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Wed Sep 24 16:47:38 CEST 2008

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>> This is a fallacious argument. If you go back to Mark's original
>> request form for "acade", submitted on 2008-8-25, I think you'll
>> find the intent was to refer to an orthography, not an institution
>> -- indeed, there's no reference to a particular institution:
> And how do you describe an orthography, if not referring to the
> rulebook, institution or decree??

You include references to books or other accessible sources that document or exemplify the orthography, just as we've been doing with registrations for the past decade.

> The original request was completely over the board with the
> political groupspeak

That may be the case -- I can't say, and I wasn't defending Mark's original request as appropriate for registration. But does it have bearing on the point being made, which was that tags that have been discussed other than 1959acad are not acceptable since they refer solely to an institution?


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