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> At this point I consider any of the alternatives to 1959acad
> to be inadequate, precisely because they refer solely to an
> institution rather than to an orthography.

This is a fallacious argument. If you go back to Mark's original request form for "acade", submitted on 2008-8-25, I think you'll find the intent was to refer to an orthography, not an institution -- indeed, there's no reference to a particular institution:

3. Record Requested:

Type: variant
Subtag: acade
Description: "academic" ("governmental", also known as "narkamauka") variant of Belarusian
Prefix: be

4. Intended meaning of the subtag:

To distinguish the "academic" (or "governmental") variant from the other forms of "be" (Belarusian). Currently, that is not possible to do, since "be" includes all varieties of Belarusian, including tarask ("classical").


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