French orthography on the Internet

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Sat Sep 20 05:46:37 CEST 2008

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> Subject: Re: French orthography on the Internet (Was: BCP47 Appeals process)
> We have no iron-clad rules for what constitutes a taggable distinction,
> nor could we, but there are precedents that are more or less followed.
> We tag orthographic variants that are different enough to require their
> own spell-checker dictionaries.  We don't tag spoken accents, like
> Brooklyn English.

A "spoken accent" is a perfectly reasonable thing to identify with
a variant subtag, if someone had a need for it.  Language tags are
not limited to textual applications.

>  I can't tell which side of the fence Gérard feels
> "unaccented French" is on.

There hasn't been an application for a variant subtag for it,
so it doesn't matter.  If an application arrives, adequately
documenting a variant, and it's not in some way a duplicate or
redundant, then it should be approved.  No one is *required*
to ever use it.


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