Generic variants (was: Re: BCP47 Appeals process)

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Thu Sep 18 20:50:23 CEST 2008

Hi -

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> Subject: Generic variants (was: Re: BCP47 Appeals process)
> But that does not mean we should be reluctant to register generic 
> variants in the future if the variation being represented really does 
> have the generic nature, like IPA.  Right at the moment, I can't think 
> of any other types of variation that have this nature, besides other 
> phonetic alphabets, but that does not mean none exist.  Much, perhaps 
> all, of the existing reluctance stems from misunderstanding.

My understanding is that Michael Everson and others are proposing
that pinyin be handled in this way, as though it were a phonetic /
phonemic transcription technique rather than an orthography for a
particular language.


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