BCP47 Appeals process

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The request is for the broad tag (#1).

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> > Anyway, if we are talking precedent, the French subtags are happily
> > using "generic" "year-acad" subtags, as far as I know. I'll have yet to
> > see good reason for Belarusian ones to not to.
> I think the heart of the question is this: how broadly or narrowly does the
> requester want to categorize these variants?  Specific possibilities
> include:
>    - a fairly broad subtag covering all varieties of Belarusian that have
>      at one time or another been "blessed" by the academy.  For this case,
>      it makes sense to *not* include the year.
>    - a fairly narrow subtag covering only a specific variety of
> Belarussian,
>      as defined by the academy at some specific point in time.  For this,
>      it clearly makes sense to include the year.
>   - a subtag covering multiple, but not all, varieties "blessed" in the
> past,
>     present, or future by the academy.
> There currently are no "generic" year subtags.  All the "year" subtags have
> prefix fields binding them to a specific language.  Though there is no
> formal prohibition against doing "generic" variants, there has been a
> marked reluctance to define them.  I think part of the reluctance comes
> from the ambiguity doing so would give the the variant records,
> particularly
> if the description fields are not constructed with extreme care to define
> exactly what the variant subtag might mean in each of the contexts in
> which it might appear.
> Randy
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