Proposed new record and registration form for 'acad1959'

Doug Ewell doug at
Thu Sep 18 04:17:00 CEST 2008

Mark Davis wrote:

> You cannot do this. This does not reflect any submitted registration 
> form (see other thread). If someone else wants a 1959 version they can 
> do it, but I didn't submit this.

I know we've allowed registration forms to be modified like this when 
the modification is minor.  I guess this one isn't.

> Note that I agree to the removal of "narkamauka" in my form, but am 
> just awaiting clarity that that is the only stumbling block before 
> submitting another form (because that restarts the clock).


I withdraw the posting.  It's kind of moot anyway since there clearly is 
no agreement on this.

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