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Mon Sep 15 16:59:58 CEST 2008

On 15 Sep 2008, at 04:30, Doug Ewell wrote:

I thought we were fine with 1959acad for the Belarusian orthography.

> I ask Michael to formally extend the review period by 2 weeks for  
> all three of these requests.  This is required by RFC 4646 and is  
> the right thing to do.

Yes, well, fine. I thought I already said discussion wasn't done.  
Formalism in dating is written into a lot of these processes, but for  
instance with the 639 and 15924 standards no one ever worries about  
the actual date limits written into the text of the standard. Is there  
some prescribed utterance I should make?

For Pinyin of course the two weeks got us nowhere since I think Mark  
was away in Switzerland and then there was the Unicode Conference; I  
guess he was unable to look at his mail. For my part I am currently  
also travelling in the UK and don't have a lot of access.

Michael Everson *

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