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On 15 Sep 2008, at 13:26, Tracey, Niall wrote:

> There appears to be a majority view in favour of a zh-Latn prefix  
> for Hanyu (although there isn't a consensus on the tag itself, which  
> I think can be logically assumed to be a consensus in favour of the  
> same thing for Wade-Giles.

I find it hard to discount the minority view. People like John keep  
saying "People will tag zh-pinyin even if zh-Latn is "the" prefix in  
the registration.

How many prefixes can be in the registration?

> Let's make the choice on Latn/no script and make it formal by  
> putting through wadegile in one form or another, agreeing that we're  
> not going to do it differently for Hanyu, then we can let the Hanyu  
> debate focus purely on the semantics of "pinyin".

Semantics is a problem throughout however, given zh-cmn. Having said  
that, are we ending up with zh-cmn-Latn-pinyin or zh-cmn-pinyin?

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