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Doug Ewell doug at
Mon Sep 15 05:30:27 CEST 2008

We have three outstanding registration requests, one for the "Academy" 
romanization of Belarusian (as distinct from Taraskievica), one for 
Pinyin (however that is defined), and one for Wade-Giles.

The Belarusian proposal has stalled beneath back-and-forth discussions 
of what the value of the subtag should be ("academy", "akadem", etc.) 
and whether a year should be incorporated in the subtag value to 
represent a revision year.  The last posts on this topic were on 
September 3, when CE Whitehead wrote to express a preference for 
"[akadem] or [akademy] or [academy]" and Yury Tarasievich replied:

> The 1959acad and 2010acad, when (if) it is actually introduced, are 
> quite fine, for me. Any transliterations, unusual truncations, or 
> cryptics are wrong thing.

Because of the continued disagreement over this, I have not posted any 
proposed revised records or registration forms to the list.

The Pinyin proposal has been discussed to death and back, still with no 
agreement in sight of what the scope of the subtag should be and how the 
value should reflect the scope.  Some say it should be just Hanyu 
Pinyin, as Mark originally proposed; others say it should be any 
romanization based on Hanyu Pinyin principles (which would include 
Jyutping or Tongyong but would exclude Wade-Giles).  There also still 
seems to be disagreement over the Prefix fields.

Nobody has suggested moving the Wade-Giles proposal forward by itself, 
so both proposals are stalled.  Because of the continued disagreement, I 
have not posted any proposed revised records or registration forms for 
these subtags since August 26, and I would suggest that the forms posted 
on August 26 are no longer relevant anyway.

I ask Michael to formally extend the review period by 2 weeks for all 
three of these requests.  This is required by RFC 4646 and is the right 
thing to do.

Doug Ewell  *  Thornton, Colorado, USA  *  RFC 4645  *  UTN #14  ˆ

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