Doug Ewell doug at
Tue Sep 9 07:37:38 CEST 2008

>> What is really needed is an extension registry for
>> this zoo (fonipa, fonupa, pinyin, ...), but as long
>> as nobody creates it, and as long as this ugly hole
>> in RFC 4646 permits such "generic variant" kludges,
>> go for it.
> The question of whether to assign "zh" or "zh-Latn" as the Prefix for 
> 'pinyin' has NOTHING to do with generic variants.  Where did that come 
> from?  Nobody has seriously proposed making 'pinyin' a generic variant 
> like 'fonipa'.  At most they have suggested that a small set of 
> languages be added as multiple Prefix fields.

I apologize to Frank for this reaction.  I did not realize that Michael 
had proposed to register 'pinyin' as a generic variant, and I agree that 
it should not be one, though ultimately it is Michael's call.

I still maintain that the "generic variant" model is appropriate for 
variants that can truly apply to any language, such as IPA, and is not a 

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