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Mark, hmm,  are you saying that it is sufficient to just specify the character set, that we do not need to specify a script?

My understanding was that the point of creating these orthographies (not scripts) was to use the Latn script/character set as opposed to Cyrillic or Hanja.  Thus the inclusion of Latn seems a sensible safeguard, to let someone know who is looking for a Romanization that these are Romanizations  (not sure that the character set declaration will let them know; users will have to search for the particular character set  to get the pages they want that way).

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From: Mark Crispin 

> Perhaps a better way to look at this is that Wade-Giles and
> Hanyu Pinyin are scripts that just happen to use the same
> glyphs as Latin?

> I always thought that some of the distinctions between "script"> and mere "diacriticals" were rather arbitrary.

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