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On 4 Sep 2008, at 01:21, Peter Constable wrote:

> As you say, he may reject something based on a single *compelling*  
> opinion, and that may happen to be his own; but IMO he must use that  
> veto ability very carefully so as to avoid conflict of interest: if  
> indeed he alone voices an objecting opinion against several others  
> on the list, it would need to be compelling indeed! The issue he  
> raises in this case is, IMO, far from compelling.

The issue? Peter, please be clear when you write. Which issue? "The  
issue" I raised is that "pinyin" and "wadegile" are by default Latin  
because there are no other possiblities of interpretation. Is that  
"the issue" to which you refer? Because I don't believe you have  
demonstrated that what I have said is incorrect. Nor have you  
demonstrated how your position (that "Latn" must be included) is  

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