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We all know that new tags don't gain sudden acceptance overnight. It would be one thing if there was a suppress-script for subtags -- in that case systems could update themselves automatically. As it is, that script information is in the free-text fields and requires human intervention to insert into systems, so it's going to be a while coming. In legacy systems, it may never happen.
If we issue advice saying that the text should be tagged zh-Latn-wadegile, it will be rendered correctly by all properly-written software systems.
If we tell people that zh-wadegile is enough, more of them will tag text as such and systems will attempt to render it in Hanji.
Izh-Latn-wadegile is surely the only fault-tolerant (userproof?) option.
Shouldn't we build fault-tolerance in at every level?


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While I share that opinion, there were others that objected to it. And I can live with the required prefix being only zh; I think that reasonable implementations will also include Latn anyway.


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	> Here are the proposed new records and registration forms, for a two-week
	> review period.  (Sorry, guys: RFC 4646, Section 3.7.)  Eligible to be
	> added Wednesday, September 9 at 3:00 UTC, unless someone objects or
	> finds a problem.
	> ===
	> Prefix: zh
	IMO this should be "zh-Latn".
	More generally, it has always been my opinion that variant subtags denoting a particular written form should always be prefixed by a script subtag except when Suppress-Script applies.
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