Tracey, Niall niall.tracey at
Tue Sep 2 19:27:51 CEST 2008

CE Whitehead
> I think there are precendents for adding academy or akademy or
> akadem now and then adding in 1950 and 2008 or 2010 variants
> later (the Resian orthography subtags), but there are also
> precedents for doing things Yuri's way (adding two varieties,
> be-1959acad and be-2010acad (the 16th-17th century French subtags,
> 1694acad and 1606nict--the latter being troubling because it is so
> cryptic when in school I always learned 16eme siecle 17eme siecle,
> but . . . )

I don't see those as valid precedents, as those tags describe historical
As they were never current during the lifespan of the standard, we
didn't encounter the problem of the nominal norm changing overnight.

Yury said:
> As I see it, you are just presupposing a certain architecture
> of the search system(s) which *would* dictate the need of a
> certain metadata structure.

I am not suggesting that this is the *only* architecture that will
exist, nor am I suggesting that it is a *good* architecture. I am simply
saying that we can confidently predict that such systems *will* exist,
and an explicit hierarchy can pre-emptively address the problems this
would cause.

In fact, I'd say that defining a metadata structure with minimal
redundancy presupposes a certain (efficient) architecture, when defining
one with substantial redundancy presupposes nothing.

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