Republic of Moldova

Doug Ewell doug at
Sat Oct 18 20:19:58 CEST 2008

UN M.49 has changed the name of "Moldova" to "Republic of Moldova" and 
has included this change in their list of "Name changes with no change 
in code," alongside more substantial past changes such as Upper Volta -> 
Burkina Faso and Burma -> Myanmar.

ISO 3166-1, however, continues to list the short name of the country as 
"Moldova," reserving "Republic of Moldova" as the long name. 
Originally, in ISO 3166-1:2006, the short name was listed as "Moldova, 
Republic of," but this has been shortened in subsequent newsletters. 
The short names are what we use in the Registry for region subtags.

I'm thinking that no change needs to be made to the Registry in response 
to this, but if anyone feels otherwise, now is the time to speak up, 
while draft-4645bis and its proposed replacement Registry are in WG Last 

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