[Ltru] Uniqueness of variant subtags

Marion Gunn mgunn at egt.ie
Thu Oct 2 13:24:11 CEST 2008

I'd see this particular block of similar tags as rather an advantage in 
the context, Addison, than any disadvantage (context being tags 
referring to Cornish), as I'd expect actual users to find no difficulty 
at all differentiating between them, especially as linguistic reform is 
currently a very live topic within a community which, although small, 
has had to learn to live with several reforms within a relatively short 
space of time.

I write this wearing my hat as Advisory Editor, English-Cornish 
Dictionary/Gerlyver Sawsnek-Kernowek, Nicholas Williams, Everson Gunn 
Teoranta/Agan Tavas 2000 (NB. First edition, which took two years to 
compile, during which the last but one reform was still in a state of flux).

Phillips, Addison:
> ...
> It's not inconsistent and your position on those subtags is not incoherent. My concern with them was merely that a tranche of extremely similar subtags might prove confusing and difficult for users to approach, not that they were not "unique enough". 
> Addison
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