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Tue Nov 18 23:43:20 CET 2008

document approved. Even for the IESG to solicit nominees. (But let me
guess that the result will be a reappointment, and redelegation ("[t]he
Language Subtag Reviewer MAY delegate list moderation and other
clerical duties as needed") per status quo.)

    /kent k

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<TITLE>Governing document transition (Re: Proposed new records and reg form=
s for ISO 15924 changes)</TITLE>
<FONT FACE=3D"Calibri, Verdana, Helvetica, Arial"><SPAN STYLE=3D'font-size:11pt=
'>Doug Ewell wrote:<BR>
&gt; &nbsp;We <BR>
&gt; have no idea how long the RFC Editor will take to publish the revised =
&gt; spec.<BR>
IIRC, when RFC 4646 was approved, this list, and the Language Subtag Review=
started operating according to what became RFC 4646 (then known as 3066bis)=
as soon as IANA had installed the Language Subtag Registry and a Language S=
Reviewer had been appointed (I'm not sure reappointment is needed now).<BR>
We did not wait for the RFC editor to publish RFC 4646. The approval, appoi=
and technical installation (of spec., reviewer, and registry) sufficed then=
 (again IIRC).<BR>
Would that not suffice now?<BR>
: &nbsp;&nbsp;The Language Subtag Reviewer is appointed by the IESG for an<=
: &nbsp;&nbsp;indefinite term, subject to removal or replacement at the IES=
: &nbsp;&nbsp;discretion. &nbsp;The IESG will solicit nominees for the posi=
tion (upon<BR>
: &nbsp;&nbsp;adoption of this document or upon a vacancy) and then solicit=
But, does the reviewer need to be formally reappointed at this time?<BR>

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