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Tue Nov 18 23:43:20 CET 2008

very honestly signalling himself as "Unicode Partisan" and marks a =
formal reluctance about "Zinh" by writing "None of that makes 'Zinh' =
useful in a language tag, and adds"It might make a good case for a =
comment to that effect, as Doug has suggested", I would say that we have =
a solid basis to build a comment that seems more than necessary.To be =
more specific, "Zinh" is exactly for me, compared to "zxxx" (or "Zyyy" =
and "Zzzz" inside ISO 15924, and also "mul", "mis" and "und" inside ISO =
639-2), what is called in french "La goutte d'eau qui fait d=E9border le =
This is another way to express my previous "Nul ne peut se p=E9valoir de =
sa propre turpitude", that is, as I explained in a message to Michael =
Everson, an old latin adage used by lawyers, whose intended meaning in =
this case is "It is not the case that, because you committed a first =
error (eventually minor, that can be understood or even forgiven, like =
"Zxxx") that you can be allowed to commit a second error (eventually a =
bigger one, like "Zinh")".
May be "Zinh" is not directly a "sin", but it is at least a "trick", and =
in all case it is far more out of the spirit of "Code for the =
representation of names of script" that a proposition like "Zipa", for =
International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) that was refused by ISO 15924.
G=E9rard LANG=20

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> My question is:=A0 does this particular subtag 'zinh'=A0help any =
applications display characters properly?
The ISO 15924 script identifier, as it would be used in the Unicode =
Character Database, most definitely is used in software implementations =
to display text properly.

As a subtag in a BCP47 language tag, it would most certainly NOT help =
any applications display characters properly. In a language tag, it =
would have no useful purpose.


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