Questions on ISO 639-3

Peter Constable petercon at
Sat Nov 29 23:14:41 CET 2008

Of course, nothing unfortunately stops some people from casting the actions of some body as being political in nature, even if that was not at all the basis of the action.


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> and I still think it is very difficult to get around political issues
> when assigning these subtags,

Of all people, we, LTRU, and ISO 639 are probably doing the most to
separate "political issues" from language encoding issues.  Unbiased,
professional linguists have stated often that "Romanian" and "Moldovan"
are at most dialects, not separate, mutually unintelligible languages.
ISO 639 has made a change to reflect that professional opinion, and
ietf-languages has made a change to reflect what ISO 639 has done.

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