ISO 639 JAC decision re mo/mol

John Cowan cowan at
Tue Nov 4 22:48:15 CET 2008

Randy Presuhn scripsit:

> Whether these back-of-the-envelope numbers are correct or not, this
> kind of argument-by-the-numbers illustrates why RFC 4646 does NOT give
> an absolute numeric or relative percentage threshold for "overwhelming."

Fair enough.  Nonetheless, overwhelming quantity has a quality all
its own.

> The original motivation for Suppress-script was backwards compatibility
> with existing tagging practice.  One might consider it an attempt to
> weakly enforce "tag wisely" practice, motivated by a desire to avoid
> script subtags in situations where they would be of negligible value.

If it's backward compatibility you care about, then essentially all
uses of 'ro' meaning Romanian-spoken-anywhere-but-Moldova will be in
Latin script, making the preservation of the Suppress-Script all the
more appropriate.

> The question here is whether tagging or tag matching / filtering would
> work better or worse for these user communities with or without the
> Suppress-script.

Certainly no worse (preserving the status quo can't make things worse),
possibly better.

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