ISO 639 JAC decision re mo/mol

Kent Karlsson kent.karlsson14 at
Mon Nov 3 23:32:31 CET 2008

Mark Davis wrote:

There are, however, two changes that need to be made to the IANA registry for this:

A. 'mo': 
- deprecate and add preferred code "ro-Cyrl". 

I don't think we can, nor should, do that. "mo" should be deprecated with the preferred code "ro", so that both have the same type.
See section 3.1 of RFC 4646, page 21.

 B. 'ro':  
 - remove the suppress-script of Latn 

Permitted by RFC 4646. But suddenly we would then encourage the use of a script subtag for "ro" (for written content), where we before
strongly recommended not to have a script subtag. Not very stable...

 - add a comment that Romanian as used in Moldavia ("ro-MD") is typically called "Moldovan" or "Moldavian" and written in Cyrillic. It is thus generally equivalent in function to "ro-Cyrl-MD".

I think we should simply add "Moldavian" as an alternate name for "ro". Perhaps a comment that "when used in Moldavia sometimes written in the Cyrillic script" along with "when used in Romania, it is written in the Latin script".
        /kent k


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