ISO 639 JAC decision re mo/mol

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Mon Nov 3 22:32:42 CET 2008

sure, I totally understand it. the fact is that the content in this
language is not going to be tagged with this tag, as creators of this
content won't do it.

how was this problem tackled in similar cases?

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>> How is the official language of Transnistrian Moldovan Republic to be
>> identified from now on?
>> They use Moldovan in Cyrillic script, and both people and authorities
>> of this de-facto independent territory would definitely object calling
>> this language "Romanian".
> ...
> What they call their language is entirely up to them, and is not a
> concern for this list.  We only care about the tags used for content
> in that language, whatever they choose to call it.
> Randy
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