ISO 639 JAC decision re mo/mol

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Maybe, but this does not explain why "mo" and "mol" have been created and used during this time. In particular, if "mol" has been created, there must be some terminological or bibliographical entries (notably at the LC ?) having used this code element ? Because "mol" was created in 1998, after the 1994 Constitution of Moldova.
And if the Moldovan language academy recognization is new, is it between 2008-06-26 (when ISO 639 RA/JAC  modified "mo" and "mol" by adding a new language name variant) and now ?
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Lang Gérard scripsit:

> How is it possible that this language name, that passed all criteria 
> to be recognized inside ISO 639[-1] and ISO 639-2 during 20 or 10 
> years, has now to be deprecated ?

In a word, because political realities have finally caught up to linguistic ones: the constitution may say "Moldovan language", but the Moldovan language academy recognizes the facts on the ground, which are that Moldovan is Romanian.

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