Erzgebirgisch Classification Question

Frank Ellermann nobody at
Mon Mar 31 20:38:15 CEST 2008

CE Whitehead wrote:

> why does Frank prefer [de] to [gem]--is Erzgebirgisch that
> close to German?

Hi, that was in a hypothetical discussion with Doug about the 
relevance of ISO 639-3 classifications for practical purposes
of tagging Web pages.

I have no "ergeb" friends or relatives, and never stayed long
enough in that region for an informed opinion, Thomas' decision
to wait for "sxu" works for me.

FWIW I think that "sxu" is as close to "de" as possible, while
other "gem" languages like "frr" or "fy" are not.  IMO closer
than "nds" or "gsw", but IANAL (as in "not a linguist" ;-)

 [region subtag]
> Is this really so?


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