Fw: Erzgebirgisch Classification Question

Thomas Goldammer thogol at googlemail.com
Tue Mar 25 16:38:16 CET 2008

>  Our goal in registering variants like 'erzgeb' is to allow legitimate
>  language variations to be tagged, not to provide tags with perfect
>  mnemonic or language-hierarchy value.  (Ask speakers of Yakut whether
>  'sah' is an ideal subtag for their language.)  We need to understand
>  this and not promote the idea that we can always add a "better" alias
>  for the same variation later on.

Yes, it's obvious that creating another tag with a different prefix
later can not be the idea of such tags. So, if a tag can't be renamed
later (which I can understand due to reference reasons, seeing the
problems that have arisen after the last series of SIL code
renamings...), let's just take sxu as prefix.

Best regards,

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