Fw: Erzgebirgisch Classification Question

Frank Ellermann nobody at xyzzy.claranet.de
Tue Mar 25 11:28:02 CET 2008

Thomas Goldammer wrote:

> I don't know if these tags can be changed when more 
> extensive work has been done on this (in some decades...).

Change in the sense of "add another prefix" is possible.

Replacing a prefix by a "better" prefix is not possible,
the overall idea of the registry is stability, once a
tag was legal it can't be invalidated.

So if you decide to wait for a successor of RFC 4646
introducing or allowing ISO 639-3 language subtags
including "sxu", and register erzgeb as sxu-erzgeb,
then it might be possible to add de-erzgeb later, but
it's not possible to remove sxu.

And vice versa, with the difference that "de" already
exists.  "sxu" depends on a successor of RFC 4646 in
the direction of actual 4646bis drafts, adding all
ISO 639-3 subtags.  That would be after the approval
of 4646bis or rather its companion 4645bis with a 
bulk update of the subtag registry including "sxu".


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