ID for language-invariant strings

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Tue Mar 18 18:54:34 CET 2008

Hi!  I think the names of fonts would qualify as part of encoding (thus are examples of 'programmatic langauge'); however if you want processing done on them then you do have to broaden the meaning of [zxx] if [und] is not applicable (it might be; that is [und] might mean simply 'not determined'--not that it is a language but the encorder can't figure out which one, but that it is not in a determined languaage; however I still believe that with [zxx], [und], [mis],etc. already out there, what we need is clarification before we order new subtags. --C. E. Whiteheadcewcathar at Mark Davis mark.davis at Tue Mar 18 03:09:17 CET 2008 > As I said, it entirely depends on what the application is.>   - For a language-neutral (human-visible fallback) form, "und" is>   appropriate.>   - For a non-language form (part number, code), "zxx" is appropriate.> I think people need to decide which of these they are looking for, and use> the appropriate one.Agreed! --C. E. Whitehead
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