ID for language-invariant strings

Peter Constable petercon at
Sun Mar 16 01:32:52 CET 2008

> From: ietf-languages-bounces at [mailto:ietf-languages-
> bounces at] On Behalf Of Doug Ewell

> Here is the text from RFC 2277 that describes the intended use of
> 'i-default'.  I leave it to the list to decide whether Peter's scenario
> is consistent with this.

'default' is decidedly *not* the correct semantic. It would be reasonable for a font's name table to indicate a family name as the default if the user's UI language is not provided for (and the application doesn't make its own default choice) and it would be perfectly reasonable for a font developer to change the string used as a resource in a future version of the font. That would break the requirement here: a stable reference to the font resource.


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