ID for language-invariant strings

Marion Gunn mgunn at
Fri Mar 14 20:07:38 CET 2008

Scríobh "Tracey, Niall" <niall.tracey at>
> I've been lurking for a while and I thought I'd stick my head above the parapet with a quick observation.

> I think this question has gone too deep into the technicalities without first considering a simpler, everyday example of the problem at hand... 

Actually, what I was thinking of was the matter of trade and proprietary 
names: Trados, Microsoft, Windows, Apple, etc., being untranslatable, 
although at least in the case of the latter 2 a translator has initially 
to restrain himself/herself by  main force from automatically  rendering 
them in his/own language, so maybe tagging such as such could be useful, 
if tagging them at machine level is practical, in the same was as the 
more clever localizing packages I use lock such items so novice 
translators can't get at them (a great boon to me when sorting out the 
work of dozens of translators shunted my way for QA - but that is 
irrelevant to the current discussion about tagging for other reasons 
entirely, so I'll stop there!).

> ...
> Now I'll go back to lurking. 
Why? A fresh voice on a list is tantamount to a breath of fresh air. 
Would love to know if you/I have guessed aright the meaning and purpose 
of this new topic. I see several other ietf msgs awaiting my attention 
so, with luck, one will contain the answer we2 seek. If not, the matter 
of satisfying my own curiosity on this matter can easily wait a few 
days, while Ireland shuts down for the long weekend, while we kick up 
our collective heels in honour of our Sainted Patron (Patrick).

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