ID for language-invariant strings

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Thu Mar 13 14:57:01 CET 2008

Hi -

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>Sent: Mar 13, 2008 1:04 AM
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>Subject: ID for language-invariant strings
>What are people's thoughts about language tagging for
>language-invariant strings?
>I'm working with a group on an application scenario in which
>we have a table of strings in various languages that name
>entities, but we also need to support entries that have a
>reference name that is considered a language-neutral form
>of a name for a given entity.
>Strictly speaking, these would be strings intended for programmatic
>operation and not human consumption, and so, some might argue,
>are not in scope for IETF language tags. However, these are
>exceptional: almost all of the strings in the same table are
>intended for human consumption, and RFC 4646 is the spec being
>applied for identifying the language of strings in the table.
>Moreover, the strings in question *are* (in general) in a human
>language; they are just the values that are adopted to be used
>for language-neutral referencing.

I agree that there are situations where such a thing would be
quite useful.  I've run into them many times myself.
I'm open minded about possible solutions.


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