ID for language-invariant strings

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Thu Mar 13 10:37:11 CET 2008

I agree with John on this.

	/kent k 

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> Peter Constable scripsit:
> > The "i-default" tag is not appropriate for this: these are 
> not default
> > display strings. And "zxx" is not appropriate since, in fact, there
> > is linguistic content. 
> I think that either is quite defensible, although for "i-default" the
> text must be intelligible to anglophones (as, I suppose, it 
> in fact is).
> Although these strings are not default *displays*, they are used in a
> situation where locale information is irrelevant (as opposed 
> to unknown).
> As for "zxx", the fact that the strings are in natural language is as
> irrelevant as the English origins of "if" or "O_RDONLY".
> I agree that "mis" and "und" are inappropriate.
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