[gnso.secretariat@gnso.icann.org: ICANN Draft TranslationProgrammeopen for public comment]

Frank Ellermann nobody at xyzzy.claranet.de
Mon Mar 3 08:23:50 CET 2008

CE Whitehead wrote:

> I really do not see that there will be much need for scripts
> to be identified--except for Korean--as the default script
> should generally serve for ICANN's purposes

I'm not sure why you pick Korean as example, about a year ago
it got a Suppress-Script: Kore here.  Maybe it's my fault, I
mentioned that one source I checked for the Frisian, Sorbian,
and German languages didn't confirm "Kore".  But that was an
*old* (roughly 1990) source, TUS 5.0 has a newer reference to
a KP standard.  In other words "ko" should be fine for ICANN.


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