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Sun Jun 29 19:12:40 CEST 2008

Frank Ellermann <nobody at xyzzy dot claranet dot de> wrote:

>> review period follows a requirement in draft-4646bis-15
> Please follow RFC 4646 and what turned out to work, or is
> this a "4646bis-15 implementation test" ?
> | It is inappropriate to use Internet-Drafts as reference
> | material or to cite them other than as "work in progress."

Fair enough: RFC 4646, Section 3.5 ("Registration Procedure for 
Subtags") delegates the process for registering subtags to keep pace 
with core standards to Section 3.3 ("Maintenance of the Registry"). 
Section 3.3 does not say that we *may not* submit a registration form or 
have a two-week (or other length) review period, only that the Reviewer 
must take action in a "timely manner."

So by following the draft-4646bis-15 rules, we are not in violation of 
any part of RFC 4646, unless one wants to argue that two weeks is not 
timely enough.

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