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I approve and hardly need two weeks to do so. :-)

At 20:24 -0600 2008-06-27, Doug Ewell wrote:
>This information is for a two-week review (not one week, as I stated
>earlier) by the Language Subtag Reviewer and the ietf-languages list.
>It is NOT to be submitted to IANA before 2008-07-12 at 02:30 UTC.  The
>two-week review period follows a requirement in draft-4646bis-15,
>Section 3.5.
>Here is the proposed new record for Moldavian/Moldovan:
>File-Date: 2008-07-12
>Type: language
>Subtag: mo
>Description: Moldavian
>Description: Moldovan
>Added: 2005-10-16
>Suppress-Script: Latn
>Here is the registration form I have written for this change:
>(I don't remember if we established any standards for registration forms
>that simply track ISO changes)
>1. Name of requester: Doug Ewell
>2. E-mail address of requester: doug at
>3. Record Requested:
>    Type: language
>    Subtag: mo
>    Description: Moldavian
>    Description: Moldovan
>    Suppress-Script: Latn
>    Comments:
>4. Intended meaning of the subtag:
>5. Reference to published description
>    of the language (book or article):
>6. Any other relevant information:
>    This registration tracks a change made to ISO 639-2 effective
>    2008-06-26.  No other change is made to this subtag.
>And an additional comment for the list:
>As stated, the only change presented here is the new Description field,
>mirroring the new name added to ISO 639-2.  In particular, the
>Suppress-Script was already present in the Registry for this subtag, and
>really should not spark any discussion unless someone wants to dispute
>the premise that written Moldavian is overwhelmingly written in the
>Latin script.
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