Duplicate Busters: Survey #1 [bwo] and [bxx]

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I agree that [bwo] and [bxx] are not duplicates in the same sense as the 
Awa and Murik cases.

Accepting this situation as it stands:
[bwo] Boro (reference name), Borna (additional name)
[bxx] Borna (reference name)

is also my basis for suggesting the resolution for [aru] and [arx]  as
[aru] Arawá (reference name), Aruá (additional name)
[arx] Aruá (reference name)

In other words, can the same name be used with two different code elements 
without further qualification if they are not  the reference names in both 
(This is actually a question for the ISO 639 JAC, but I would like 
comments from these groups, as well, as there is some crossover.)

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Re: Duplicate Busters: Survey #1


The last case (Borna) is arguably no real dupe, bwo is also
known as Boro, bbx is only known as Borna. 

Survey #1, are there coming more ?


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Duplicate Busters: Survey #1


Type: language
Subtag: bwo
Description: Boro
Description: Borna
--> REPLACE WITH: Description: Borna (Ethiopia)
Added: 2029-09-09

Type: language
Subtag: bxx
Description: Borna
--> REPLACE WITH: Description: Borna (Democratic Republic of Congo)
Added: 2029-09-09

Regions are as listed in Ethnologue.  The form "Democratic Republic of 
Congo" (without "the") is consistent with that used with other languages 
in ISO 639-3.  The 639-3 code element 'bwo' is currently the subject of 
a change request, to change the name "Boro" to "Boro (Ethiopia)" in 
anticipation of another Boro being added, thereby confirming that we are 
headed down the right path with this renaming effort.

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