ISO 639-5

Doug Ewell doug at
Wed Jul 30 05:51:08 CEST 2008

"Phillips, Addison" <addison at amazon dot com> wrote:

>> ....  We require all of the other core standards to have freely 
>> available code lists.
> Actually, we don't. What we require is a copy of the code list at some 
> point and the cooperation of the RA when changes are made from that 
> point. One of the reasons for having a registry in the first place was 
> the chaos that resulted from having multiple, free, un-synchronized 
> mirrors of core standards that were themselves not freely available.

So we don't actually need a freely available copy of the ISO 639-5 code 
list, only a copy that we were able to acquire, either for a fee or 
otherwise?  Then we're fine.

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