Picking and choosing

Peter Constable petercon at microsoft.com
Wed Jan 30 23:44:56 CET 2008

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> I take it as given that a IANA registry wishes to be taken
> seriously, and that the language subtag registry is designed
> for a "stable forver, one chance to get it right" policy...

Look, let me say this one more time: 'eur' is a defined category in ISO 639. It is stable forever. It may happen to denote a semantic that you think is not useful for language tagging; and maybe even the vast majority of users of the IANA registry would think that semantic is not useful for language tagging. But it is in ISO 639 and it is stable. As John said, Europanto may not have been serious, but 'eur' in ISO 639 is, and if it ends up in the IANA registry then the registry is not any less serious as a result. It would *not* constitute an error in the registry; it would be a valid entry in the registry that happens not to be especially useful. Most of the entries for language collections are valid but not especially useful for language tagging, but the registry is no less serious for them being there.

IMO, you're making brouhaha over nothing.


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