Picking and choosing

Peter Constable petercon at microsoft.com
Wed Jan 30 22:27:42 CET 2008

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> >> There's some evidence that copying ISO 639-3 input "as is"
> >> to a IANA registry without allowing sanity checks is unwise.
> > Please explain: what's the evidence, and why would it be unwise?
> > (I'm not aware of any reason why doing so would be unwise.)
> If 639-3 collects jokes like "eur" that's fine, like Google's
> http://www.google.com/intl/xx-bork/ is funny, or John's new
> <div lang="eur"> on a not so strict (*) "XHTML 1 strict" page
> http://recycledknowledge.blogspot.com/2005_05_01_archive.html
> For a IANA registry wishing to be taken seriously it is unwise.

For whatever reason 'eur' made its way into 639-3, why is it unwise for that to be added to the IANA registry? I understand you don't like it being there, but that's different from it being unwise to put it there, and I don't see any particular failure in wisdom if we put it there.

Much less wise is thinking that it would be feasible for us to sift through 7500 entries and determine which are "right" and which are "wrong".


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