Using the "eur" tag

Doug Ewell dewell at
Wed Jan 30 22:22:21 CET 2008

Peter Constable <petercon at microsoft dot com> wrote:

> Of course, LTRU could consider not including anything in the initial 
> populating of the registry that is already deprecated in 639-3.

In generating draft-4645bis, I use only:

* the official ISO 639-3 files, except "Retirements," and
* the existing contents of the Registry.

If a retired 639-3 code element is not also listed in the main "code 
set" file, which I believe to be the case, then it won't be listed in 
draft-4645bis.  The only exception would be if the subtag already exists 
in the Registry, due to being coded in 639-1 or 639-2 and not deprecated 
therein.  I could run a test to see if any such subtags exist.

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