[Ltru] RE: Using the "eur" tag

Peter Constable petercon at microsoft.com
Wed Jan 30 19:48:44 CET 2008

> From: Kent Karlsson [mailto:kent.karlsson14 at comhem.se]

> John Cowan wrote:
> > As I said: the language is a joke, the code element is not.
> It still makes the registration of a code element for this joke
> in the 639-3 registry a mistake. I hope that code element will
> be removed from there before we incorporate 639-3 code elements
> into the IETF language subtag registry.

Code elements do not get *removed* from 639-3; they may become deprecated (the RA says "retired"), but they remain in the code table with a stable semantic.

Of course, LTRU could consider not including anything in the initial populating of the registry that is already deprecated in 639-3.


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