Picking and choosing

Frank Ellermann nobody at xyzzy.claranet.de
Wed Jan 30 17:01:07 CET 2008

Doug Ewell wrote:

>> The reviewer could refuse to do this.
> Actually he could not

Of course he can, that this could then trigger an appeal,
because it violates MUSTard in 4646 is a different issue.

> There's no evidence that 'eur' conflicts with an existing
> Registry entry.

There's some evidence that copying ISO 639-3 input "as is"
to a IANA registry without allowing sanity checks is unwise.

> What is a "disputed" territory?

When I used that adjective I had DG, EA, IC, etc. in mind as 
proposed in three "disputed" memos posted after 4646bis-08.  

The question of catching obvious / likely errors before they
are added to the IANA registry is not limited to ISO 639-3
input.  You can substitute my polemic "disputed" by a better
word, maybe "humbug" is clearer.

> What happened to the idea of BCP 47 being an application
> and extension of the core ISO and UN standards, instead of
> a competitor?

There were no *similar* problems with ISO 3166-1 and 639-2,
and real problems (for our purposes) with ISO 3166-1 were
fixed by RFC 4646.  

It wasn't clear for me that jokes can end up in ISO 639-3,
where it's hard to find out why they were added.  It also
wasn't foreseeable that 4646bis-09 ff. will try the stunt
of an *intentional* IETF process failure with DG, EA, etc.


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