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Wed Jan 30 15:41:22 CET 2008

Marion Gunn <mgunn at egt dot ie> wrote:

> Arising out of a meeting in our university last night, I need to know 
> (a) what language tag was assigned to Shelta; (b) whether its main 
> variants have been subtagged; (c) whether there is any further 
> plannned ietf/ltru work which might affect the above in the near 
> future.
> With no time today to conduct the usual web searches on this, I'd be 
> grateful if members of ietf/ltru could help.

That's one of the nice, often-forgotten benefits of having a Registry: 
it's no longer necessary to do a complex, time-consuming Web search to 
find possible subtags.  By simply going to one place:

and searching for "Shelta", Marion's questions (a) and (b) could have 
been easily answered.

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