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Wed Jan 30 07:56:36 CET 2008

Peter Constable <petercon at microsoft dot com> wrote:

>> While my distaste for the new region subtags, and concern over the 
>> instability of 639-3
> Please note that 639-3 is maintained with a careful eye toward 
> stability of assigned code elements. While the overall inventory may 
> and will change on a regular basis, an element once assigned will 
> remain stable wrt its denotation.

"Instability" is somewhat of a fighting word, and I should have 
clarified that I was talking about instability of the repertoire, not 
the coding structure.

While I'm sure almost everyone understands and expects a certain amount 
of activity in the standard, with languages being discovered and merging 
and splitting, I can't be the only one concerned by the entries that 
have should never have made it into the standard.

I do appreciate the commitment that ISO 639-3/RA has shown to maintain 
stability of the coding structure.

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