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Tue Jan 29 14:15:31 CET 2008

Marion Gunn scripsit:

> Arising out of a meeting in our university last night, I need to know  
> (a) what language tag was assigned to Shelta; (b) whether its main  
> variants have been subtagged; (c) whether there is any further  
> plannned ietf/ltru work which might affect the above in the near future.

The 639-3 code element is 'sth'.  Like all other code elements unique to 639-3,
that is not yet a valid BCP 47 language tag, though it will become so in
the near future if we ever get RFC 4646bis finished and out the door.
Consequently, no variant subtags have been assigned, nor will they be unless
someone requests them in due form after RFC 4646bis becomes effective.

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