Principles of Operation (was LANGUAGE SUBTAG REQUEST FORMErzgebirgisch)

Frank Ellermann nobody at
Thu Jan 24 20:19:00 CET 2008

John Cowan wrote:

> As for Saxon, the language I'm using now has at least a
> historical claim to that name, and I myself was born in
> the county (sans count) of the East Saxons in Nova 
> Caesarea. You can't draw conclusions from names alone.

And I like "hound" (Hund / dog), "swine" (Schwein / pig),
"deer" (Tier / animal) relics of this ancient history.

But if you'd try to register en-caesarea now, and somebody
else says it's actually ang-caesarea (or nds, or sxu), it
is not more funny.  Linguistically correct or otherwise, 
a prefix has to make sense in the Web of this millennium.


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